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Is Stockport the new berlin?

This aptly coined question in 2023 sparked an investigation by us over at Warm Street. We are constantly exploring the ways in which brands can have impact in culture communities. We’re also looking for smart ways that brands can outperform others by taking the less obvious routes. In a recession, we need to spend smarter, not larger.

Strategy Director, Dan de Freitas takes us on a journey outside the M25 to show you the wealth of opportunities on offer beyond LDN.

01 - Documenting stories less told
Outside the capital, there are incredible stories to be told that have long been neglected. More and more audiences want to learn about and be inspired by our underrepresented communities, whether it’s Newcastle’s DIY party scene or Preston Carnival.

02 - Decentralization of media
Creators have increased 40% year on year making this economy more decentralised. This means we’re moving away from the traditional (London-based) culture media, allowing creative talent and communities to tell their own stories, where they are, nationwide. Read more here

03 - Make a positive contribution to culture
Audiences see through superficial and shallow plays in culture, especially given the current climate and cost of living crisis - something particularly affecting those outside London. Brands can truly make an impact within neglected and underrepresented communities. Read more here

04 - Spend smart, not more
Paid media is a battle ground in London with brands, competing like crazy. Outside of the M25 we surveyed that Recent campaign optimised for website purchases with a £20k budget, outputted that CPR was 45% cheaper than Manchester, a city with a higher disposable income to London.

80% of the audiences who are into culture live outside London. We can’t forget them.
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