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Nature Roundtable

We sat down to chop it up with brand leaders and nature experts, all under the June sunshine.

As audiences become increasingly impassioned with the natural world, we recently joined forces with Less Concrete, More Jungle for a solutions focussed roundtable discussion that helps brands play a meaningful and valuable role in nature in 2024 & beyond.

Afterall, 85% of young people are concerned about the state of the natural world [Gov Children’s & Nature Survey] yet they either don't know how to engage (underrepresented) or feel it isn’t relevant (unengaging or non aspirational comms). Nature marketing is a hugely untapped opportunity for brands and the planet. 

We sat down to chop it up with brand leaders and nature experts, all under the June sunshine (no really, it came out!). Below are ten key points covered. Now this is by no means exhaustive, so if you’re interested in hearing more, get in touch -

Nature Vs Sustainability

Brands shouldn’t be all consumed by their sustainability practices to guide their (potential) role within this space. Audiences care about nature for the awe it generates - the feelings, the sensations, the smells, the mental health, the connections. Don’t get too waylaid by supply chains or manufacturing methods. Lean into the emotive and positive storytelling. 

Perfectly Imperfect

When 91% of Gen Z say they want to buy from sustainable companies [PDI Business of Sustainability Index], having sustainability goals is important for any brand in 2024. But brands don’t have to be perfect on this front to engage with nature. There are real challenges affecting young people and their connection to nature. Having a role in bridging this gap is a positive step, whether you're carbon neutral yet, or still on your way. You will be welcomed. 

More Than Just Words

Young people feel hugely disconnected from nature. That’s not helped by the language and terminology used. Hedgerow makes less sense when you’re used to railings. There’s huge opportunity for brands to unlock the passions of young people and nature, starting with real considerations around the language used to communicate. 

Peer To Peer

When 73% of gen-z say that older generations can’t act as guides to adulthood because too much has changed in the world [Spotify], it’s time to really look at who’s communicating the message re nature. It’s no new news that representation around the outdoors is shocking. With a new generation of community groups and leaders popping up, this landscape is changing. Fast. And with it, new voices ready to collaborate and drive this passion for nature, unlocking real peer power.

Partners Power

Diving into new spaces for a brand can feel daunting. Partnering with organisations, collectives, brands and talent can help provide a buffer between yourself and the consumer. Lean on their authenticity and credibility in this space, and allow your backing to unlock support for wherever their expertise deems needs it most. 

Cultural Pillars

Use them as a gateway drug. It’s the smoke signal to those on the sidelines, widening the potential audience. When so many of us feel disconnected with nature, leverage the power of music, art, fashion and beyond to bring people back to nature. With so much art informed and inspired by the natural world, the link is clear. Leverage these voices, and the media that wraps around them, to get the message beyond the core nature audiences. 

Think Local

Nature can be talked about in grandiose terms. But it exists all around us. It is us. The UK's gardens are larger than all of our National Nature Reserves combined [Wildlife Trust]. So it can start at home. It can start in your local park - just check the wonderful Zaineb Abelque’s work documenting SE15’s muslim community celebrating ramadan in the beauty of Burgess Park. When we connect those dots that nature is all around us, brand involvement and opportunities can be much closer to home than we might first think. 

Starting Small

Reversing climate issues can feel huge. Insurmountable. How can we make these messages feel more attainable? Actionable? Afterall, we only need 3.5% of the population [Erica Chenoweth] to change their behaviour to enact real change. It starts with reconnecting audiences with the nature they’re so passionate about. It ends with real change being made. 

Just Do It, Once

Give it a go. Test & learn. Optimise. This space is rich for potential and hugely underserved by brands, despite being something audiences are passionate about. When sport and music are such saturated spaces for brands to activate in, what can the future look like when the might of brand power is put towards nature, for both them, consumers and the world in which we inhabit.  

Ditch The Hi-Vis

Make yourself approachable. Nature doesn’t have to be all gore-tex and hi-vis clothing. Dress for the dance. Or for the garden. Maybe the park. Let our audience see themselves in nature. 

We host these roundtables as a space for marketing leaders to meet and connect with peers, while hearing from those on the front-line. A forum to discuss shared problems, potential solutions and new opportunities for success. If you’d like to get involved, sign up here.

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