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10 Stats that show the opportunities for brands to work in music today.

Dust off that keynote, polish up that pitch, here’s some punchy stats to help sell in that 2025 plan! 

Here are some key stats to support your case on why your brand plan NEEDS a music strategy in 2024-2025…

  • 1) Electronic music on the up!
  • With all eyes on diss tracks between US rappers, and a saturation of brand investment into UK rap culture, there’s an opportunity for brands to look beyond at the thriving, global electronic music scene.
  •  Over the last 5 years, 100% of the top 10 festival acts are all electronic artists (Jambase)

  • 2) There are more artists than ever before, and they aren’t signed to labels. 
  • This represents an opportunity for brands to work with artists around music releases, both working in collaboration to co-promote releases & campaigns. 
  • MiDia found that there are 7M artists releasing music in 2024, only 5% of which are signed to a record label 

  • 3) Storytelling around music is flying! This means brands that work with artists to tell rich stories, will be welcomed by music fans across the world 
  • Water & Music found that since 2017 60 artist have released exclusive music documentaries. 

  • 4) The music of the future is not going to be written by the West. For global brands, approaching their culture strategy with a broader mindset, will deliver outstanding results
  • Spotify reported that annual global streams of indians music increased 2,100% since 2019, with 85% year over year growth in 2023 alone 

  • 5) With grassroots venues in free-fall, cultural spaces will welcome brands supporting the cause with welcome arms. 
  • In 2023, 125 grassroots music venues in the UK stopped hosting live music in 2023 (Music Venue Trust)
  • We can see from activations across the last year that the brands that are most successful in the music industry are the ones that give back. It’s about making that long-term {ahum not short-term} difference to the musical scenes that you’re supporting.

  • 6) There’s an opportunity to support gender equality across line ups.  
  • Brands should be looking to invest early in the scenes that are emerging and need support. In 2024 1/4 of musicians on major US multi-genre festival lineups are women (Book More Women)

  • 7) The brand that enables artists to reach their fans globally will adored, not endured.  
  • There’s an opportunity for brands to support touring artists - especially those looking to tour in the UK. In 2024, cisa fees for international touring artists in the US jumped by over 3.5x in 2024 - to $1655 per application (USCIS, Via AP News). Tune in to the amazing Resident Advisor Exchange which unpacks the opportunity. 

  • 8) Youtube shorts for the win! We try to encourage our clients to step away from the obvious platforms, and go where the culture is headed. 
  • In January 2023, artists say a 3x average increase in their unique viewers when their music was featured in Shorts

  • 9) Niche is on the rise.. It’s not all about that global superstar, smaller artists have been  increasing market share since 2022
  • The number of tracks that hit 10M streams in a single year grew 500% between 2016 and 2021. (MiDia)

  • 10) Humanity wins over all…

    In a world of over polished feeds, humanity wins with UGC being one of the best performing formats for brands on social. 86% of respondents indicated that they were more likely to trust brands that publish user-generated content rather than relying on influencers.

That’s where we step in, as cultural specialists. A brand should always be looking to work with the community or scene's best interest first before leaping into and plastering logos over every banner and bar available. 

We can help you do this in the most ethical way


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