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Create a compelling and immersive live music event experience that celebrates and brings to life the Airbnb and House of Sunny Collaboration for Brian Chesky’s visit to town. Showcase the activation internally to demonstrate the value of the product experience in connecting with an influencer and consumer audience and associated opportunities for growth.
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Extend the existing experience into a larger event space and curate a multi sensory journey through the world of designer, Sunny Williams. The experience would blend design elements of key garments in the collection and bring these to life through taste, touch, sound, scent and sight.
Collaborating with our friends and colleagues Toy & Robin, we built a team of event and experience experts who designed, built and extended the experience from the existing House of Sunny OOA, through to a full invite-only intimate gathering for 40 guests to celebrate Flo Milli’s forthcoming album, Fine Ho, Stay on Sunday 24th September.Designed and built in record time, as a big multi team effort - we secured the venue, permissions and delivered a unique Only On Airbnb experience like no other in 23 days
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