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Ray-Ban tasked us to help them develop a new key global cultural moment on the longest day of the year, The Summer Solstice, driving awareness amongst a Gen Z audience.
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The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, where new energy is born, fresh for the summer. This moment of celebration appeals directly to a Gen Zaudience, who are inspired by fresh artists breaking through. We created New Energy, a campaign channeling the power of these to celebrate & support thosebrining new energy into our scenes & sounds.
We produced a rooftop party celebrating the summer solstice, collaborating with Tifany Calver, to bring her No Requests party to life on the rooftop of The Standard. Showcasing artists breaking through, and taking a fresh musical twist on existing genres, attendees were taken on a musical journey to explore New Energy. Complemented by a user experience, gifting suite and multi market content campaign, the event was a resounding success.
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